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Creating data trust between institutions

Combining best in class data security with

rapid business innovation


Arkvien CARE Platform 

Ushering a new paradigm for maximising enterprise data utility and minimizing privacy risks in AI development. 

Our CARE platform relieves data owners, cloud infrastructure providers, 3rd party service providers, data scientists and outsourcing partners of the burden of trust and risks of data breaches while ensuring efficient and robust AI model development.

Cloud Partners

Achieve absolute security, even in a private cloud environment through intelligent obfuscation

Data Scientists

Onboard new tools or data within minutes, eliminating the global legal minefield of data privacy legislation

Vendor Partners

Share data with speed and confidence, powered by digital trust


Eliminate lengthy approvals processes by maintaining total privacy while inviting collaborators to your AI projects

Protect your data without compromising innovation.

Data drives innovation, especially in the research and development of artificial intelligence. 

With CARE rapid technology delivery and best in class data and privacy protection goes hand in hand.

  • Dramatically reduce cost of onboard new vendors and data

  • Delight your stakeholders by showing solutions within days

  • Be empowered to share data with your vendors with peace of mind 

  • Cut legal and regulatory stick 

  • Eliminate data leakage even within the virtual private cloud

Nothing's more valuable than trust
We're grateful for the trust we've earned


Privacy Preserved AI

Predicitive Maintenance.png

Predictive Maintenance

Explainable AI.png

Explainable AI

Computer Vision.png

Computer Vision

NLP & Audio Analytics.png

NLP & Audio Analytics

Our expertise, applied to your unique goals

CARE is built with diverse applications in mind. No matter what your unique business context is, no matter what your unique technology stack is, and no matter what your unique security landscape is, we will make sure CARE works for you.

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